CovPass app not installable from Apps store

I have installed the German CovPass app (, version 1.72.6. My /e/OS version installed is v0.18 from August 27. Apps store has version 1.82.0 of CovPass and I am not able to install that. I’d be grateful for any support to get that fixed.

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Try this one:

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I can confirm CovPass can’t be updated by the /e/ Apps Installer somehow currently, same for me.
Just tried the APK from F-Droid, for me it can’t be installed over the existing (and force-stopped) CovPass version either.

But the existing version still works and does its job, and the official Corona Warn-App and the CCTG Open Source fork of it offer the same functionality.

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Same here, the installed version still works. I have forgotten to mention that, sorry.

I fiddled around a bit with ADB and the different App stores and didn’t get it to update.
I just uninstalled and reinstalled it and added the certificates again.

Just to confirm, because I don’t want to uninstall the app and not being able to install it again:
After you removed it, you were able to install the current version from the /e/ app store?


Ok thank, that’s what I’ll do then, too.