Create a contact in my sim instead in the device

when I try to create a new contact , I have not the chance to do it in my sim , it just offers me to create it in the device.

is this a normal behaviour?

Yes, I think it’s an old feature which isn’t used a longer time


Fine app, very useful, on F-Droid :

#enjoy :wink:


thank you for your answers

seems that the numbers that are made in the device doesnt allowed me to copy them to the sim card…ummm


I don’t exactly remember, but think I’d used *.vcf, cause I did on a clean /e/ install… I’d extracted contacts from SIM, then deleted the old file and uploaded the new clean contact’s file to the SIM (as a backup, usable too with my old ‘rescue’ phone)…

I don’t like the idea to use the SIM for contacts. A SIM could break or destroy easy and than all is gone. Especially for backup better using external SD and/or PC or cloud.

Just one more backup :wink:

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