Create a second /e/ email without creating a new account

Hi there,

Everything is said in the subject : I’d like to have a second /e/ email but without creating a new /e/ account. Where and how to do it, if possible ?

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Email to to ask for an alias, but not sure if they’ll accept to create it …

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Not sure if this is possible . Let me check and get back.

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Maybe a better idea : I will create a new email account with another “company” (e.g. Ya-hoo) and I will add this email account to /e/ email account. Is it possible ?

With which email account does it work ?

In any case it is interresting to know if /e/ can provide a second email or not. Let us know.

Update: This feature is not available as yet.
We are discussing and checking if it is technically feasible and can be implemented.
As usual no ETA for now.
If we plan on such an implementation it will be announced on the channel and on the forum.

Thanks Manoj, but don’t do something specifically for me !
Just let me know if I can add an account from another email account.

In any case I can create a new email account anywhere on the web, it was just more convenient to have it on my smartphone.

You can add an account in RoundCube settings, but for now is seems limited to accounts.