"Create a widget and autorize access" popup spamming :(


For a few days a popup is spamming at least every 15mn. It’s mostly when I tap the home button, close an App folder, or each time (no exception) I uninstal an app… Yes, I tried to uninstall a lot of apps just in case, even denying or accepting the message, box unchecked and checked : it comtes again, and no widget is created. ^^’

Would any of you experienced users have an idea about why and, mostly, how to make it stop ?

Well, this is clearly about OpenLauncher (the name is in the message). So I looked at the OpenLauncher issue tracker and… yup, it’s been reported before. It’s a bug in OpenLauncher: https://github.com/OpenLauncherTeam/openlauncher/issues/573

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Okay, sorry - I’m gonna search in github now instead of just here, sorry for the inconveniance.

And I’m gonna search another launcher, a popup every 15mn is just not possible ^^’