Create murena account without providing real email

I wanted to create other account for my secondary phone with temporary email, but got “It is not possible to register for this service using “” e-mail addresses”. I beleive it is still possible to find some “unbanned” fake email, which does not require activation via sms message, social number, passport scan or whatever (any tips?), but why a privacy company such as murena wants private data such as an email? I understand the captchas, but why this?

Well it is a real service, where money, terms of service, and expectations are involved !

Google has real services too, so he has a good reason to collect all the data, right? :slight_smile: As long as I do not want to buy anything, I don’t think it is an excuse to collect any personal data. And even if I’d buy, imagine every hot dog, kebab, tacos buritos seller asking you for name and email. They have it, if you pay by card, but you can pay with real money too. What if I’d like to have murena as my primary email without the need of any other email? Take a look at mullvad, they sell a good service and they don’t need any personal data. You can even mail them money in an envelope. That is how privacy service should look like.

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