Crosscall Core-X3

Hello, I have a crosscall core-x3, a french smartphone, waterproof and really strong. I would like to install /e/ but I don’t know if it’s possible. Someone to help me ?

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Hello, welcome in our community :slight_smile:

You can request for the support of a device here :

But to be honest, non common devices have less chances to be supported.

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Hello. I own a Crosscall Core-X3 and I would like to install /e/ on this smartphone.
I would be glad to help the team and make it happen!

Currently, my device runs on Android Oreo 8.1.0.

Its latest OS updates happened on 5th of september.

More informations:
Modèle : Core-X3
Version matérielle : V1.00
Mise à jour du correctif de sécurité : 5 septembre 2020
Version de bande de base : MPSS.JO.3.0-00464-8937_GENNS_PACK-1
Version du logiciel : L1501.6.08.01.FR00
Version du noyau : 3.18.71-perf (gcc version 4.9.x 20150123 (prerelease) (GCC) )
root@hmct-slave #1
Wed Sept 16 19:34:39 CST 2020
Numéro de Build : OPM1.171019.019 release-keys

I really don’t know if these informations will help. Don’t hesitate to tell me if I can help in any other way :slight_smile:

Are there any official or inofficial LineageOS builds available? Or any device-specific custom ROMs? This would be a good information to add.

@Ludix I did not find any LineageOS Builds available for this device on Lineage official website.

Fortunately, I recently discovered a tutorial that helps us install Android AOSP 10 on a Crosscall Core-X3 :

I may try it and see If I find any interesting details.

Hi everyone. I finally chose to buy an /e/ smartphone last week but I will keep this post up to date if I find any useful informations. If someone is looking for a Crosscall Core X3, then mine is available for hire! Cheers