Crosscall corex4

Android version 9

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Hello @Marco63

I am not sure how everything works in the forum.

I am planning on getting a “second hand” Crosscall smartphone.
Any ideas if a cross call smartphone (i.e. Crosscall Core X3) can work with e-os ?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but…

/e/OS is a custom ROM, built on top of the LineageOS for MicroG custom ROM.

For /e/OS to run on any device, a LineageOS or LineageOS for MicroG custom ROM for that device needs to be available, for use as the starting point in building /e/OS.
A quick search on XDA Forums indicates that there no custom ROMs at all for any Crosscall Core devices, so there is approximately zero chance of /e/OS ever being available for these devices.

Thanks your feedback :slight_smile:

If ever this can help to development, Crosscall has recently released some kernel sources on Gitub: