Crosscall devices rugged phones (kernel are pubished on github)

Hello I would like to have a rugged phone on the official smartpohone list.
Seems that crosscall has published their kernels on github.

I would like to ask on which one could be interesting and suggest to add it on eOS list.

Who is interested of which one?

Have a nice day all, cheers

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personnaly I wpuld tipp of the recent one the core stellar-x5, but the core x5 or core z5 would be ok.

they have a rugged tablet core T5 too which is really interesting
or the core t4…

Would be amazing to have at last one rugged phone and one rugged tablet

Device tree and vendor files are needed too for building.

Please post per-device request like this:

thanks for the feedback.
One device typ/family per post or topic ?
And how do I know the codename?