Crosscall devices


A Crosscall phone with /e/OS would be very nice.

Also its french brand who is trying to relocate, a part of phone production here, will be a good cooperation with Murena.

Volla and Gigaset do that in Germany, so why not in France.

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Yes , I also dig on CrossCall devices

the Main problem is that prior Gen5 cannot be bootloader unlocked according to crosscall support

I have an action X3 to tinker right now

If ever this can help to development, Crosscall has recently released some kernel sources on Gitub:

Also, The bootloader is very easy to unlock from Crosscall Core X4/T4 onward.

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Looking for an outdoor-ready degooglised smartphone, I was happy to read recently that Commown (partner of e foundation through Fairtec - ) is apparently working on /e/OS for Crosscall :
No more details in their post for the moment though.