Curious event with Murena Fairphone 4

Hopefully I am in the right area for this topic. I have the Murena Fairphone 4 in the United States. I turn off my phone regularly. Recently, my phone turned itself on two minutes before an alarm went off and it also reset its own notification settings. There was no possible way someone else could have turned on the phone. I checked the runtime and it turned itself on two minutes before the alarm. I have never had this event happen before. I found it odd and maybe a little bit disturbing :grin:

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:thinking: :ghost: :ghost:
Maybe this ??

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Hahaha thank you yes. i definitely must consider this solution

Every dumbphone had this feature to wake up from (almost) power off to sound scheduled alarms. This was about to go extinct in (at least Android) smartphones, but seems to stage a comeback recently.
Over the years many users complained all across the internet when they expected this to work and it didn’t.

Seems to work for you, I guess some users will be envious :wink: .


Excellent! I’ll keep this in mind