Current eSIM support in /e/OS ? (especially on Pixel 5)

Hello, I have just bought a Pixel 5 smartphone and am interested in the current eSIM support in /e/OS.

Is it possible to add eSIM cards directly in /e/OS ?

I found information that it is possible to add a card on the factory system and it should not be deleted when installing other ROMs.

Does anyone have any experience especially with DualSIM (nanoSIM + eSIM) ?

By the way I guess that I should not update the Pixel 5 to Android 14 if /e/OS is available on Android 13 ?

I have a Pixel 4a with nano-Sim+eSim. I added the eSim when eOS was allready installed. Not sure how it works from stock and the install eOS, but it makes sense to be kept even after ROM install.

Regarding what version before installing eOS it is correct stay on the same major version and be careful of monthly security patch.

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This is great news, thanks.

I converted a spare nanoSIM card to eSIM to see if it would even work on my Orange network.
Pixel smartphones are not officially supported in my country but everything works OK

I’ll wait for the /e/OS v1.16 update and see if the eSIM card “survives” the bootloader unlock and system installation.

Then I will try to add the SIM card I am currently using.

Hello, can anyone shed light and explain exactly what to do to install the esim profile with eOS? I have a pixel 4XL and when I scan the QR code I don’t get anywhere. How do you do it exactly? Step by step would be great! Thanks in advance!

Hello, on the Pixel 5 (Android 13) (T) the addition of eSIM went smoothly as @mihi wrote.

I first added a “test” eSIM card on the factory Android 13.

After installing /e/OS 1.16 (T) only the nanoSIM card was visible but but when I clicked add eSIM card no QR code scan was needed.
The system just asked if I wanted to use the new Orange network and dualSIM and the “test” eSIM card was activated.

When adding “main” eSIM card after scanning the QR code, the screen again appeared whether I wanted to use the new Orange network and then that only one eSIM card could be active and whether to deactivate the “test” eSIM card.

I don’t remember exactly what the messages looked like but quoting Google’s help page:

On a phone that’s already using a SIM card, but not yet using an eSIM:
1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
2. Tap Network & internet.
3. Next to “Mobile network,” tap Add .
4. Tap Download a SIM instead?.
5. When asked, “Use 2 SIMs?” tap Yes. Your phone will update.
6. After your phone updates, open your Settings app again.
7. Tap Network & internet > Mobile network.
8. To set call and text preferences, tap your networks.
Tip: To have your phone ask your network preference every time, tap Ask me every time.

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Hello Mat. I just wanted to ask if your Pixel 5 is able to use 5G after installing e/os on it. I am asking since you said that Pixel smatphones are not officially supported in your country. They’re not officialy supported where I am from, but I am interested in getting one to install e/os on. My Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has e/os on it, but I think it’s in its last days. I am looking for a replacement, and I am currently looking at Pixel phones to replace my Note 9.

Hi @giov, sorry but I am not able to fully test 5G

I have an old LTE nanoSIM card so it is not compatible with 5G.
I tried on an eSIM card but it also only shows 4G.
I’m on a pre-paid offer so maybe that’s why.

The speeds I get on 4G are 120 Mbit download / 30 Mbit upload

Pixel 5 works pretty well with /e/OS, it is considered stable so updates are tested by the /e/ team.
The camera app (OpenCamera) unfortunately takes poor quality pictures especially in low light but you can install Google Camera Port and then the pictures come out very good.

The Galaxy Note 9 will seem more premium compared to the Pixel 5’s plastic-covered back, but the smaller size and the platic themselve result in a more secure grip.

yeah, the Note 9 does feel more premium. i’ve had it for more than 5 years now though, with e/os on it for about a year now. the battery is showing its age. it discharges a little too fast compared to before, and the screen is washed out. thanks for the info. i’m going to start saving up for a new device. i’ll look at all the e/os supported devices and see which one would be best. thanks again for the answer.

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