Current eSIM support in /e/OS ? (especially on Pixel 5)

Hello, I have just bought a Pixel 5 smartphone and am interested in the current eSIM support in /e/OS.

Is it possible to add eSIM cards directly in /e/OS ?

I found information that it is possible to add a card on the factory system and it should not be deleted when installing other ROMs.

Does anyone have any experience especially with DualSIM (nanoSIM + eSIM) ?

By the way I guess that I should not update the Pixel 5 to Android 14 if /e/OS is available on Android 13 ?

I have a Pixel 4a with nano-Sim+eSim. I added the eSim when eOS was allready installed. Not sure how it works from stock and the install eOS, but it makes sense to be kept even after ROM install.

Regarding what version before installing eOS it is correct stay on the same major version and be careful of monthly security patch.

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This is great news, thanks.

I converted a spare nanoSIM card to eSIM to see if it would even work on my Orange network.
Pixel smartphones are not officially supported in my country but everything works OK

I’ll wait for the /e/OS v1.16 update and see if the eSIM card “survives” the bootloader unlock and system installation.

Then I will try to add the SIM card I am currently using.

Hello, can anyone shed light and explain exactly what to do to install the esim profile with eOS? I have a pixel 4XL and when I scan the QR code I don’t get anywhere. How do you do it exactly? Step by step would be great! Thanks in advance!