Current state of Androind 11 w/ e on Teracube 2e?

I got my Teracube 2e pre-loaded with e back in early 2022 and it’s currently running Android 10 w/ e 1.10.

I was just wondering, do I need to update this thing to Android 11 or later at some point? Or are the updates issued OTA by e all that that I need? (I just use my phone as a phone (talk, text, web browsing, so I don’t need any more advanced features; I just want to make sure that I’m all good with security updates).

Loving my phone with e, btw. Everything I need, nothing I don’t; just the way I like it.

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If you are happy with 1.10-q and have no need for any Android 11 features, updating is not necessary.
Android 11 build is also at 1.10 so there is really nothing significant on the A11 side.

From Teracube there seems to be no further A11 offerings as they are working on A12.

In the Teracube forum I have seen someone mention being on 1.11. Not available so must be a test build.

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Any idea how long A10 support will last?

Teracube 2e (2020) codename ‘2e’ is on Android 10 (Q)
Teracube 2e (2021) codename ‘emerald’ is on Android 11 (R)

There is a milestone on Gitlab to upgrade 2e to Android 11, so i guess this is for the 2020 model.
If that is the case and you have a stable version of /e/OS running on your phone, you probably going to receive an OTA upgrade.


Oh sweet. I was worried I’d have to flash an image and do it the hard way.

I don’t think you ever mentioned if your device is zirconia (2020) or emerald. If zirconia, 1.10 is last Q stable, 1.11 for dev. Emerald has no Q builds.
Either way OTA update notices are coming in for the latest A11 build, 1.12.3, for both devices.

If you haven’t updated yet, heed this caveat before doing so.

Android 11(R) builds are released for both dev and Stable (/e/OS 1.12.3)

Yes, I sort of mentioned that.

Either way OTA update notices are coming in for the latest A11 build, 1.12.3, for both devices.



Welp, I guess that answers my question. Though, the notification light keeps coming on and I can’t seem to get it to stay off since I updated. Am I the only one?

Edit: Ok, never mind. It turns off when I unplug the phone from power. Oops.

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