Current status 2024: which devices with small screens / size are supported?

This topic has been discussed here in the forum several times, but the threads have been closed and a few devices have been added since then that are now supported.
Unfortunately, hardly any small, handy devices have been produced in recent years. Until recently there was at least a column with screen size in the selector of /e/OS that could be used for sorting. This is no longer available.
I know these as relatively small devices: Samsung S4-S10, Sony Z3+Z5 Compact
What others are there?

Of all those, everything apart from S9 and S10 is on /e/OS Android 11 (R) with no further upgrade in sight.
Since Android 11 doesn’t get security updates anymore, better expect affected devices to be dropped by /e/OS soon.

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Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact xz2c is pnly a little bigger than Z5 Compact, and is currently supported by /e/OS and Android 13 / T

Xperia XZ1 Compact lilac is slightly earlier and slightly smaller. It is not officially supported by /e/OS, but a good and stable unfficial build - currently of Android 13 / T is available in this forum. LineageOS for microG already has an Android 14 / U build available, so making unofficial /e/OS build when /e/OS T is available should be starightforward. I have been using this phone as m daily driver for a couple of years (with /e/OS, los4microG, and IodéOS). It’s a great phone!