Current status of the /e/mail service

I remember in the earlier days the /e/ email account was still not quite mature enough to be used as a fulltime email account (at least I remember seeing a disclaimer). I am looking to properly make an email switch, is there a reason why I shouldn’t change the bulk of my communications over to /e/? Also I had a look at protonmail and it seems pretty cool, are there plans for encryption for the /e/ email service?


Good question. Atmi only use my for /e/ related things, not for everything.

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Same, I’ve been using it sparsely so far, a couple of logins here and there. I’ve also created a protonmail account now which I am “trialing”, but to similar extends. My personal communications still run through my old email but I’d like to essentially be able to make a clear decision about which mail service I can eventually make my main communication route. Encryption of is nice, but storage is limited and if I can get both from /e/ then there is not that much benefit to chosing protonmail.

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Hi @Carlos please can you raise this as an issue in Gitlab. That will help us take this as a feature request and have it tracked, developed and closed.


Hi @Manoj

I hope I did this right, first feature request for /e/

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Thanks for raising this as a feature request on Gitlab @Carlos .

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Yo guys, chill. @anon64684597 thanks for the insight I didn’t wasn’t aware which stage advertising companies usually exploit, but @Manoj is also right, /e/ is still growing and I understand there is an incredible amount of work to be done to check all the privacy boxes (thanks for everything that has been achieved already).
I get why the issue was closed, i asked for end to end encryption in emails and that is technically possible, so I have logged a new issue asking for storage encryption


I use this topic since it is quite general about /e/mail service: I’ve been sending out /e/mail quite often these last months and on some occasions I’ve received Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender. Not sure if it is my setup (on my Thunderbird client or phone) or a bug on /e/ side.

The mail system [](mailto:email address): host[] refused to talk to me: 554 IP= - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to contact
Action: failed Status: 4.0.0 Remote-MTA: dns; Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 IP= - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to contact

Hi @cedricoola I have been using /e/ as my main mail for almost a year now. Only seen errors when the email ID were somehow types in incorrectly. Are you receiving errors on all emails or only on specific ones. Also are you able to send an email to this specific ID using other Email ID ( that is non /e/ email ID).

Our email configuration in case you need to manually configure it are as under:

Email Configuration
For manual configuration, please use the following settings:

SMTP/IMAP server:
SMTP/IMAP username: your /e/ email address in full (example:
SMTP/IMAP password: your /e/ email password
SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication
IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication

Though on clients like Thunderbird the configuration happens automatically . I recently formatted my PC and installed Ubuntu again. To configure Thunderbird only had to enter /e/ email ID and password and it was configured.
If you are sure the ID is correct and /e/ is configured correctly on your email client you can raise a bug in Gitlab with the error description and details.

Hi @Manoj,
indeed, just like you, Thunderbird configured my account automatically (on Linux Mint in my case). I liked that. I now checked that it is the good configuration and it is.

To be specific, I got an error 3 times:

7/9/19 10:34pm
host[ip...] refused to talk to me
6/29/19 7:19pm
host[ip...] refused to talk to me
6/12/19 7:46pm
host[ip...] said: user unknown (UserSearch) (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Note that the two first cases invole email addresses from the provider I know the emails are correct, because they worked on another email service. The third is a one-time case, as I recently sent an email to this address with /e/ succesfully. So problem seems to be the t-online provider I assume. Maybe I can ask in the german section here if others have had this.

Hi @cedricoola thanks for the inputs. Please check and let us know. /e/ should work with all email ID’s. If the problem persists with particular addresses / domains then pl report it on gitlab.

Hey guys, wanted to revive this thread since it seems to be the fitting place to readdress encryption questions.
I’ve just read the e Legal notice and it mentions that storage/email/data is encrypted on the nextcloud servers.
Now checking in with the nextcloud website I can see they offer 2 encryption models, server based and user based.

A server-wide key stores a server password in the Nextcloud configuration directory and uses it to decrypt the server key in the data directory, which in turn is used to decrypt data.

When using per-user keys, the key in the data directory is per user and encrypted with the user password.

Can you guys clarify which encryption model is used for /e/?
EDIT: forgot to add the links
e legal notice
nextcloud encryption