Custom app location on homescreen

I am getting a bit frustrated because I can’t find the setting that lets me put apps anywhere on the homescreen.

By default they are put in top-bottom / left-right priority. I can change the order of individual apps in this scheme, but I would rather have the option to put them anywhere I want (for example at the bottom of the screen). Is such an option available?

The current version of Bliss Launcher simply does not offer this feature.
But you can well install an alternative launcher … I let more experienced people here advise you on which ones could suit your needs.

Thanks for the quick reply!
It is already incredibly helpful to know which options are (not) supported default.
I was also not aware of the possibility to install custom launchers :person_facepalming:, so this is something I can take a look now.
Thanks again and happy international day of happyness :smile:

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