[CUSTOM BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (espresso3g) for /e/OS-Oreo

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (espresso3g) for /e/OS-Oreo 0.21


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 [GT-P5100] (espresso3g) has only one gigabyte (1 GB) of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of internal memory.

That is 0.5 GB RAM less than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (LTE) GT-I9195 (serranoltexx). @piero has therefore not included some apps

The risk that your /e/OS Oreo won’t run is high, isn’t it?

Yes, changes are high that this ROM does not work…

It Boot ! … at the second attempt …
it is common on that old devices that custom build don’t boot completely at the first attempt but the install process is finishing its config (i let 15 or 20min with the “e” bouncing) and then it allow the device to boot at the second attempt …

I dirty flash e-0.21-o over e-0.9-n

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Oh cool. I think that was the oldest device I build for and did’nt think that chances were high that it boot…

As @Mighty said : there is no camera

As @Mighty said zram is on !

Edit :
it seems like it can’t stand to fall on screen or display sleeping mode

How to use both /e/OS and Linux PostMarketOS Community pre-built image on Galaxy Tab 2


see détails

works running from a SD card

as explained in Installation - Flashing - From SD Card Our device can boot a SD card, USB stick or other external storage.


preparation in a way to easily switch between /e/OS and PostmarketOS

from your actual Android_OS install file (AP_Stock_Samsung_Firmware.tar.md5 or Custom_Android_Based_OS_like-e-is.zip), extract the boot.img and copy it to your TWRP folder in internal storage (/sdcard/TWRP)

Download the pmOS pre-built image

from the download page

insert a MicroSDcard into your Computer

and find its name by running

$ lsblk

make sure it is the right one as you will overwrite everything on it. Use a path without partition number at the end,

such as /dev/mmcblk0, or /dev/sdd

decompress the downloaded file and write it to your MicroSDcard :

$ xz --decompress --stdout /path-to-pmos-samsung-espresso10.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/name-of-your-SDcard bs=4M status=progress

Wait until the command completes and eject the SD card.

If you are on Windows, see here.

insert the MicroSDcard into your device, and boot it into TWRP

using the mount feature, unselect all /partitions except “MicroSDcard”,

using the install feature, switch to “install image” rather than “install ZIP”

navigate to the “/external_sd/boot.img”, and flash it to the /boot partition

reboot system

The rootfs image will boot right into postmarketOS. You are done with installing postmarketOS, congratulations!

default login is user and password is 147147

to restore your /e/Android_OS

boot the device into TWRP mode,

and simply using the install feature, switch to “install image” rather than “install ZIP”

navigate to the previously stored “/sdcard/TWRP/boot.img”, and flash it to the /boot partition

to restore your PostmarketOS

boot the device into TWRP mode,

and simply using the install feature, switch to “install image” rather than “install ZIP”

navigate to the “/external_sd/boot.img”, and flash it to the /boot partition


Linux PostMarketOS on samsung Tab2 7.0" all variants (espresso7)
Linux PostMarketOS on samsung Tab2 10.1" all variants (espresso10)


the “dual-boot” should work also for others devices in the community list :

Yes, my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5100) ) (espresso3g) also boots after a while with e-0.21-o-20240114-CUSTOM-espresso3g.zip by @ronnz98, …


… but - As soon as I try to install additional apps, the installation stops with the error message: “Package installer has stopped”.

The app installation via adb works. If I then call up the subsequently installed F-Droid Store, this results in the error message “An unexpected error occurred”.

The same applies to Aurora Store. Installed via adb, the app start ends with “Aurora Store keeps stopping”.

You need a lot of patience because of the general slowness of the system and overall it’s no fun to deal with. We only put up with it early on. Now I’m back /e/OS e-0.9-n-20200618-1939-UNOFFICIAL-espresso3g by @androidandy

Even Pie was possible to build:



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i have tried to install this build, but was stuck on the bouncing e despite multiple reboot attempt then formating /data partition and again multiple reboot attempt

Yeah no camera and we are facing issues with sleep/suspend/device not waking up after being locked and wifi, logs are posted on xda as well, help is appreciated! (on Pie)