[CUSTOM BUILD] Samsung J7 2017 (j7y17lte) /e/OS-Q

Yes, you need arm64 B.

B means there are A and B partition, it’s short spelling version of Arm64 A/B.

The same installation such as Lineage OS?

I just wiped everything in orangefox (system, data, vendor, cache), flashed gsi as system image and after that installed h-vendor zip (that’s vendor for all 7870 exynos devices).

If you need a link for vendor, here it is:

Have you added gapps? And do you think LineageOS 17.1 or this eOS version is better?

No gapps for me since I’ve moved on e/os/.

But for curiosity sake, I tried to install them alongside microg on another phone for testing (one app was requsting google advertising ID). You can do it but it’s tricky, e/os/ is designed to be degoogled.

Lineage and e/os/ are very similar, I believe e/os/ is lineage’s fork. So it really depends on you. But one thing I know for sure is that on e/os/ battery life is much better without google and all the others constant tracking in the background. And e/os/ privacy is best of the best, bar none.

Where do you download apps when you don’t have gapps?

IF it is just for downloading apps, gapps are not needed even on LineageOS, you can use F-Droid (for Open Source apps), and AuroraStore (for non-paid apps from the Play Store without account)

the integrated /e/OS store called AppLounge include F-Droid and AuroraStore,
So you can install and maintain up to date all existing non-paid apps.

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Yes, even when I’m on stock ROM I don’t use Google play store, it’s slow, it takes priority to update itself or google play services first and then all your downloads fail. It’s so bad.

I use aptoide and apkpure if I can’t find apps on platforms that @piero mentioned. But AppLounge had everything that I had searched so far.

Thanks! Everything works successfully and smoothly! Do you have any other suggestions for me after installation? And one question is, do you have a Google or Murena account?

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I usually choose anonymous mode to log in AppLounge so you don’t have to use any account.

Go through settings a bit, AdvancedPrivacy is such a good tool but some options are disabled by default. Same with microG.
Also, on GSI you have Phh Treble Settings in which you can tweak your system (it’s model dependent so Samsung will have some features and Huawei other and so on).

Yes, I have been reviewing for some time through the settings and options including the ones you mentioned, but I can’t find one thing: how to remove these buttons from the screen?

settings → system → buttons → navigation bar ?

I checked and it’s under Settings → PhhTreble settings → Misc features → Force navigation bar disabled.

Activate that option and reset. That removes back, home and recent buttons from screen if that’s what you meant.

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I was there, but I just found elsewhere: system - gestures - navigation in system

I honestly don’t have that option

search for “navigation bar” or “nav bar”

@sethdot Just for inspiration, let me ask you what the most important options you have marked or changed in Phh treble settings?

If you installed GSI image, you must have it, even devices without physical buttons have the option to disable navigation bar. Look at misc under “other” section near the bootom.

The only thing that I changed on J730F is extend max brightness. That way you can see screen better under sunlight even if your sensor for adaptive brightness is not activated.

About navigation bar the problem is solved. I found this option elsewhere. Thanks again to you and @piero. If I want to get to know more about this system, I will write. Greetings from Poland

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