[CUSTOM Q BUILD] Google Pixel3a (sargo)

/e/ with Android 10 reaches the Google Pixel3a (sargo)! This uses the v1-q branch of /e/ which has not been released yet so you have to expect issues. I only briefly booted the build and it looks OK to me at first glance. Do not flash this expecting to using it, it’s really only there to test and see whether anything needs fixing. I expect to create customized builds for my pixel3a so I probably won’t maintain an unofficial build unless there is overwhelming interest.

Warning: this build is without the following standard /e/ applications due to space constraints in the system partition: MagicEarth, PdfViewer, Weather, LibreOfficeViewer, Browser. Please install them manually after booting if you want them. This issue will get fixed in the official repos in the near future (gitlab issue ticket).


  • I have only tried this on a device that already ran Android 10, e.g., stock or LineageOS 17.1, I have no idea whether flashing this on an Android 9 pixel3a works at all or not.
  • download bootloader and image
  • using fastboot flash boot boot-2020xxxx.img flash the e bootloader and recovery.
  • reboot into the new recovery and select the “Update via ADB” (I think it’s in the advanced section)
  • flash image using adb sideload e-0.11-q-2020xxxx-UNOFFICIAL-sargo.zip
  • reboot and report success/failure here

REMARK: this version is NOT ungoogled. It calls googleapis !!!

Since you know where many of those calls happen it would be great if you provided info so they can be fixed…

As I have written, I’m out of time. But e.foundation will fix it in the sources, because they want share official Q test versions soon.