Custom Rom for Gigaset GS 195

Good morning out there!

Last week I have been given a nearly unused Gigaset GS 195.
The stock-rom is Android 9, quite old und maybe unsafe.
Until now i did not find a custom rom for this device on regularly platforms.
Does anyone knows a working or if necessary a nightely-build custom rom?


Good morning,

neither Android custom recoveries nor CustomROMs can be found for almost all Gigaset devices, except for the GS290.

However, Gigaset GS195 works well with /e/OS-Q Generic System Image (GSI) e-1.15-q-20230914*-dev-treble*

thank you for your fast answer, i didn’t know about this “universal” CustomROM…
Now first I have to find a safety download for the possible-rollback-stockROM of GS 195…
I will report here!


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