Custom ROMs packed with proprietary drivers & firmware


I posted the message below to LineageOS’s Reddit and I’d now like to know what /e/ thinks about the issue:

I was just wondering if distributing custom ROMS (Like LineageOS) which contain proprietary drivers & firmware is legal? Some Linux distributions come preinstalled with such drivers and I’d guess it’s ok to distribute those drivers with Linux. Is there such permission for Android OEM device drivers which probably are not available for download on their website?

Anyone? I find it weird that this isn’t dicussed more. Supposedly anyone can install a custom ROM on their device but distributing firmware/proprietary drivers within those ROMS is another issue.

Any comments on this?

You know purism projekt ? That’s a try without these drivers.

It’s very, very difficult to write open source drivers. If you are on linux you will know that the incl. free drivers are not so good as proprietary drivers and the free drivers has nornally less functions. The linux developer a much greater community as the android devs. I think no developer will invest month or years for developing a wifi or bluetooth or display driver for hundrets if different mobile phones. And til he has created a working driver the hardware is ‘old’ and won.t use in newer phones.
That’s why proprietary driver and firmware is used.


No, I’m not asking why there a proprietary drivers. I’m asking if distributing customs ROM with proprietary drivers is legal. AFAIK, the manufacturers have not licensed the drivers to be distributed in any other way than inside the OEM builds. There is an exception to this for some devices (Google, Nvidia Shield and probably others).

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Ah, ok, have you misunderstood.

And now i can’t answer you, because i’m no lawer