D2s : gpstest report GPS and glonass satellites but not galileo nor beidou

I wanted to report this using /e/ gitlab, but for some reason, it reject my email " * Email is not allowed for sign-up. Please use your regular email address. Check with your administrator." when it’s the email I use for dev on gitlab or github…


on /e/os for d2s, gpstest (f-droid version) find gps satellites really fast, even at first run (~10 satellites), then a few glonass ones (2~3) but no galileo nor beidou, when they are found by an old phone (n910f)

on previous install using lineage-OS, each fix was listing more than 30 satellites, about 10 satellites per constellation, except glonass that was almost never listed (saw 3 satellites once in a month of daily use), I wanted to fill a lineage-OS bug, but since I installed a custom recovery at this time, they won’t investigate it…

on samsung firmware about 10 satellites per constellations (gps, beidou, galileo, glonass) were reported

I waited about 30min without any change, only 3 glonass at most, and about 10 gps.

here I’ve the standard setup of /e/os for d2s, build version is e_d2s-user 12 SQ3A.220705.004 rng.root.20230511.195430 dev-keys

by the way, is it possible to know what is used as driver? samsung blob? or opensource? what is the gps chip used?
it could be great on the wiki to list the chips of the phone and the state of the corresponding software (proprietary blob, opensource, who provided the driver…)

thanks and regards

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Are you aware of this? https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/report-an-issue.html

I had a similar problem (no Beidou and Galileo) with Android 10/Q builds for Xiaomi MiMIX3, a long time ago.
Anyway, as I could get a lock very quickly with only GPS and Glonass, it never was a problem!
All satellites came back when I upgraded to Android 11/R.

I have the same problem (no Beidou and Galileo) with E-OS Android 10/Q on a Galaxy S9+.
Whereas I remember I could see Beidou and Galileo satellites under e-OS when it was based on Android 8/Oreo (using SatStat at the time).

I am using Samsung Galaxy S10 plus SM-G975F
It used to see all GPS, Glonas, Beidu and Galileo constellations.
Now it is strictly only GPS and Glonass.

It now got 3 GPS week rollover bugs in a week. Previously I was unaware of this bug (cough cough design).
I even had to write SQL script to correct that on nextcloud.

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