Dans la crise actuelle, les acteurs publics doivent encourager les citoyens à

It’s in french but I think we’re, as /e/ users/, fully in line with these topics.
Of course that article is mainly linked to the economic fight between Europe, USA, and China, but the principles are still true and applicable wherever you live.
It could be interesting to have Gaël point of view on that topic.

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Article intéressant, Merci pour le partage. Mon opinion est que chaque citoyen n’a rien à attendre de l’État qui est de plus en plus démuni et endetté et que chacun doit de se prendre en main pour assurer son independance, à titre individuel ou en devenant entrepreneur pour accroître l’offre dans le domaine.

Really interesting article, but my opinion is that they are overvaluating the power of single states. I do not mean France in particular.

See, Gafam are faster, richer and have much more informations than any single state in Europe.

I do not have data to support this sentence, it’s only my opinion, but it should be not far from truth.

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