Dark Mode Problems in /e/ 0.18 update for all the apps which are fixed for Dark Mode

I’m using /e/ Official V 0.18
My device is Redmi Note 4 - Mido

I ve just installed new version in which Dark Mode is fixed.
I m pasting a screenshot. Does it seem ok?

Plus there seems to be some problem

  1. In settings > Display > Style > Dark Mode (“Black” selected)
    But everywhere it reflect Dark Mode but Black is not available (In Files, Dialer, Gallary etc.)

  1. In settings > Display > Style > Accent Color (if I select “Banana”, it doesnt reflect in other applications like Files, Dialer, Gallary etc)

  1. In Dialer > Settings > Quick responce doesnt reflect Dark Mode (that is selected in Settings > Display > Advance > Style > Dark Mode (“Black” is selected)

Does any of you face the same problem?

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A similar issue is reported here if your issue is similar you can add to the comments else raise a new issue on gitlab

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It is not just one issue. There are 3 issues related with the Dark Mode.


Yes, I saw links posted above… but quick answer here and back to work, for me.

I tried to setup ‘custom style’, with darkmode + “black apps’ background” (note amoled, as I could see with hight brightness setting).

The problem (with folders’ and files’ names) persists in ‘File’ (com.android.documentsui) wich in the same time doesn’t adopt the custom style (main color stays on default blue).


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Just seen a few hours ago: bug is not present in ‘picture view’ (see screenshots)

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