Dark style theme for Contact and Calendar /e/ default apps

I’m failing to find settings for dark style theme for both Calendar and contact (email app settings found). Ideally it would be great to see global Dark Style applied to hose apps, but for now I would be happy to set them individually.

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They built this in with the last /e/ update. Before this update I had a proper dark theme.

I don’t understand this. Etan, the original of the calendar app fork, does all this display things exemplarily. I don’t know why they did fork this app and especially not why they made it worse.

The Dark style was introduced in v0.14. Unfortunately it caused a problem; the status bar becaome unreadable: ( see this issue and this issue.

These problems are ‘fixed’ in v0.15 which should e available soon. Unfortunately the fix seems to be to not apply the ‘darkness’ in the main list view and the new contact and edit contact views.

too late.
Because of the reoccurring changes of the default Calender app over the last updates I switched over to Simple Calendar.


Wait for an update that brings back the dark style.


Hello, I was looking for a dark mode on the native calendar app but did not find any. I will be waiting for an update :slight_smile:

I’ve switched to simple calendar too, but even 0.18 update did not fix the dark mode contact issue (contact text stays black). And even Message v3.7.10 (SMS client) lost dark option. The future does not look dark :dizzy_face:
Dark /e/0.17

white /e/0.18:

+1 on this. Many apps have lost the Pure Black option, which I enjoy taking advantage of on my OP6T screen.

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