Dark Theme Obscures Fonts in File Manager

I have a OnePlus 6T with the latest updates from /e/. One thing I noticed is that when I switch to a dark theme, the folders appear grey and the text appears dark grey, which is difficult to see clearly against the black background. Specifically, I go to Display then “Dark theme” to create this error. Is there a way at least change the font color?

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It seems to be a common problem with dark theme. Xiaomi A1 here and it’s also dark text on a dark background.

I noticed that someone posted a few screen shots from a Xiaomi A1 with the same problem. Maybe it is the default file manager settings?
In Linux, I can usually drop in a “fonts config” file with the right info.
Anyway, the Andriod apps seem to apply the theme inconsistently or ignore it altogether.

Here are two screens. One shows the default file manager and the other shows Simple File Manager Pro.

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I’m with the same configuration (OnePlus 6T, /e/OS 0.15, black dark theme). But I don’t get the same rendering :

Same problem with Xperia XZ1 Compact running unofficial Q build

I have created issue #2787 in github

Looks like the dark theme needs a bit of tweaking :slight_smile:

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Same problem with Xiaomi Mi8 on 0.18/dipper, anyone found a workaround?

You can find some issues raised on the Dark Mode implementation here. Pl add your comments to them if the issue is the same or create additional bugs