Dash Charge OnePlus 5T


I’ve just installed /e/OS, and the Dash Charge on my OP5T isn’t working anymore ! I need 53min to charge 40% ??

Do you have any tips to solve that ?
Thanks a lot,

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Stupid reply, but try switching your USB cable 180 percent in your device (put it in upside down). That sometimes works @OnePlus


Thanks for the answer but it is an 5T so USB-A to USB-C unfortunately…

Turn the USB-C upside down

Nop still doesn’t work…

Too bad. Sometimes my OP9 has the same prob and then this helps. However that is possible I don’t know, but it does.

Mhh okay so sad😅 I hope someone else has got a clue

La batterie est d’origine ?
Is the battery original oneplus ?