Data Block using Murena One

Hello Murena One users and also /e/ OS users.

To use the Murena One I took the sim card out of my Apple iPhone and inserted it into the Murena One. Within a minute of powering it up I receive a notification from AT&T stating “The device you tried to activate does not work on our network.” But it does work! I am able to use all services from text, data, phone using the Cellular.

However there are times when I must use my Apple iPhone for trip navigation, specifically Apple Car Play and the Cellular will not work due to AT&T putting a Data Block on my account. I therefore must call AT&T and ask them to remove this Data Block which they comply, reboot my Apple iPhone and I now have full Cellular Service.

Few days later I go back to my Murena One and I receive another notice from AT&T stating the same as I wrote above.

Is there anyway to prevent AT&T from putting a Data Block or instead of calling AT&T to remove the Data Block I can remove this Data Block myself?

Thank you.
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This reason for the Data Block is due to the Murena One being a 3G. AT&T advised me this morning. But in the description for the Murena One states it is a 4G. Perhaps AT&T does not know the real reason and stated that?

Any comments would be beneficial.

Thank you

users from the US know more about this (I’m EU), but from the threads, T-Mobile and its MVNOs seems to be more flexible and AT&T more restrictive in how they filter devices on their network.

There is some feedback and compatibility lists via New to community-need help finding a mobile carrier - #2 by tcecyk - 4G has a few dimensions: frequencies and VoLTE. But if the frequency ATT offers and the modem is compatible with, then the data block is arbitrary. Voice-over-LTE is a separate issue - see the links.

Was the Murena One sold in the US officially at some point? I remember Murena warning AT&T users in the past.