Data collection by Apple (without Maps, Gmail etc)

Hi all,

when I read this about data being collected by Apple

I ask: Is this if one uses Google Maps, Gmail etc?
What would the situation be without using any app or service by Google?

Hi, iOS isn’t open source but I don’t think there is any call to Google by the OS itself.

So if you remove Google as default search engine, block Google trackers on websites, don’t use any Google apps, or any app with Google trackers in it, then you are deGoogled (but not unAppled).

in the survey we refer to, there is extensive detail about the methodology used to get to the data. I suggest you check the findings here:

In a nutshell an experiment is designed following a pre-defined scenario with a user going through her daily life using a phone, with no use of direct Google apps (no Search, Gmail, YouTube, Maps,etc.), except for the Chrome browser.

They have replicated on both Android and iOS devices and monitored what data was sent to Google and Apple using the same method.

In the same survey, they highlight that even when non using Chrome but Safari instead, the data tracking by Google was on the high side as Google Search is the default search engine in iOS. Plus many sites use Google subsidiary technologies for advertising efficiency and profiling

Thanks Alexis, I’ll take a look.

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