Data connection doesn't work after update to /e/os v1.9-s

After updating to /e/os v1.9-s my data connection doesn’t work anymore. I checked the APN, I reset it (to internet.telekom) but still no connection. Phone works, wifi works, there is enough data volume left, roaming is active. Sometimes it does connect, but if so, the connection immediately breaks down.

I use a Fairphone 3+.

Has anybody similar experiences? Any idea of what I could try?

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Problem seems to be solved after restart - I thought I tried that earlier … Sorry for the mess!

I had the same problem after installing this new version and as you said after a restart the problem was solved.

I have the same problem and it still dosen’t work even after multiple restarts. But it only doen’t work with Apps other than the browser, e.g. Netflix or Spotify.

I am on Fairphone 3+, too.

Any ideas on a fix?

I remember some Apps working and some Apps not working with mobile data could be related to IPv4 and IPv6 in the Access point names (APN) settings.

Your mobile network provider should have the correct APN settings online somewhere for reference, but if IPv6 only is set on your phone currently, try to set IPv4 and IPv6, or IPv4 only.

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The settings were on IPv4 only, I switched it to IPv4 and IPv6 and it still doesn’t work.

And I don’t think it should be related to the APN settings, because even when I’m in my WiFi it doesn’t work. :confused:

Then you clearly don’t have the same problem :wink: .

Do you use any Firewall App which could block connections by other Apps?

Else … [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

Yeah… wow… seems like I stopped reading after

After updating to /e/os v1.9-s my data connection doesn’t work anymore.

My bad.

/e/OS version: 1.9.1-s-20230405276851-stable-FP3