[HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

You are running /e/OS on your device and want to give info about your version to get support, or a simple answer to a question, or anybody else to confirm whether they can observe the same behaviour you observe? Sure …

Your device will of course be important info.
The /e/OS version you are running will of course be important info.

But there’s more:


For serious consideration or comparison by anybody else, it’s important to provide complete info about your /e/OS version:

Settings - About phone - Android version (← tap on it) - /e/ OS version (← long-tap it, copy it to clipboard *, include it in your post)

This has all the necessary info in one conclusive little text string, and everybody else will know immediately what to deal with exactly … /e/OS version number - Android version - Build number - build type (aka release channel) - your device in /e/OS terms … it’s all there.


I have a problem with the v1.5 update on my phone
About phone: SM-G960F
/e/OS version: 1.5-q-20221031230909-dev-starlte
Problem description: blah blah blah


* The long-tapping and copying to clipboard feature may only be available from Android 10 (q) on.

Why is this important?

An /e/OS version might be available or still in use based on several different Android versions for the same device at the same time. /e/OS refers to them as follows (e.g. in Releases):
n (or nougat) = Android 7,
o (or oreo) = Android 8,
p (or pie) = Android 9,
q (or quince tarte) = Android 10,
r (or red velvet cake) = Android 11,
s (or snow ice) = Android 12,
t (or tiramisu) = Android 13,

/e/OS might be available in several build types (aka release channels), on end user devices most commonly “dev” and “stable”.

Occasionally there might be more then one build for the same /e/OS version for a device, which can then be distinguished by the build number.

This all can make a decisive difference when confirming issues, answering questions or comparing device behaviour with other users.

(This is a Wiki post, so feel free to edit it to keep it up-to-date or to improve it.)


@Manoj: Can this be made a Wiki, please?

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Thanks, @AnotherElk, for writing this. Have made it a wiki as requested.


this will be linked alot :slight_smile: - threads can go on for long before the version and device is finally determined.

@Manoj I wondered if depending on category of post-creation, this howto could be linked in the sidebar, with the textfield being prefilled with a small twoline header “device: version:” as in the Gitlab bugreport template. Discourse has an option per category to prefill some text. In most (all?) categories it is currently “**[Regain your privacy! ..


I just add an example at the end. Tell me if its ok for you.


It’s a Wiki, it should mostly sort itself out over time.
The version string has a lot of info, I wouldn’t try to make it too complicated for users by making them give redundant info.
For your example "starlte"in the version string tells us it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 already :wink:Smartphone Selector

OK I going to delete it :slight_smile:

@Manoj Maybe it would be interesting to link this wiki concerning the differents feedback topic for the new version release like v1.4 or v1.5.
When we read those topic and we ask people to give feedback and reports issue, in a large majority of the case they give the issue but we have zero info concerning their phone.

Maybe a sentence like “please repport issue according to this wiki” could be helpfull ?

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A link to this wiki has been added to the Feedback template