Data mobile doesn't work!

Similar complaint as original post (no data): using at&t, they sent me a message (with number to call, actually any number would be redirected to their customer service); the robot guy tells me that my phone would not be eligible for service (despite working fine dir 2 hours) and that they will walk me through upgrading. (“oh thank you!” I exclaim sarcastically.)

I tried to set APN to “nextgenphone”, restarted reset network settings; none worked.

Which device and model number are you using?

Is it on AT&T’s certified list (although that shouldn’t matter until Feb 2022…unless this is a new activation, in which case they’re probably rejecting devices that will soon be incompatible, i.e. no HD Voice/VoLTE capability). PDF:

Are these the APN settings you’re using? How to Program Your Data Settings for a non-AT&T Device - Wireless Customer Support


French LaPosteMobile did the same (but without any explanation!) with my son’s Nokia 7+ (Android One, fully updated when issue occurred).

Business as usual… :roll_eyes:

Good luck.

@taurus, as it turns out you’re right; it was a new activation (I was getting terrible T-Mobile reception), and it is not on the list of approved devices (although /e/ certainly didn’t sell it to me with the warning that it would no longer be compatible on AT&T 10 months after I bough it…) Maybe I can upgrade the android version to make it compatible again?

@manoj do you have any advice or pointers for extending the useful life of the SM-G960F smartphones you guys sold earlier this year? I’ll also post in support if you’d like… /e/ version already up to date…

Supremely frustrating to have this kind of “inflation” or obviation happen to such a high tech piece of equipment…wasteful, irresponsible, unsustainable hopefully


Even with help of the provider’s hotline, APN didn’t work anymore (but calls did). With a new device, default APN are pretty different and work perfectly with the SAME sim card :confused:

LPM just doesn’t care about ‘old’ devices…

In case of Windows 11, for example, they do want you to buy a new PC, and reduce hardware support for that goal…

O tempora, o mores.

You might get a few more months’ use by porting your number to an AT&T reseller (an MVNO), one that allows you to check your device’s IMEI for compatibility, in order to activate service (assuming they like your IMEI, of course). This is probably only a temporary solution, though.

The problem with AT&T proper is that they’re aggressively targeting customers that will need a VoLTE-capable device, even if it’s not necessary yet.

You can find some independent info on U.S. MVNOs here: Compare Cell Phone Plans - BestMVNO

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Well, so I might do that anyway just for fun, but they send a message that all your calls will be rerouted to their special customer support team who are there 24/7 to tell you your new phone is actually too old (but beyond which they will turn on for you until Feb)…
So I got a few more months, but wtf I mean the phone is working fine, and why should it suddenly quit? Maybe I don’t need voice or text or data (I mean don’t need all three but maybe just one or two of them). I’ll most likely just go to whomever’s service lasts longer, bit still such a nice piece of equipment ahuldnt be wasted, IMO.

@manoj, if this can’t get resolved, I don’t think I’ll have any choice but to leave /e/ given the limited phone compatibility options in america. Am I missing anything?

We do have some limitations with reference to compatible networks. While the team is working on adding more networks there are no ETAs available as to when the task will be completed.

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It won’t be sudden, but as the U.S. networks shut down 3G (mobile/cellular network) bit by bit, any phone that can’t do voice over 4G/LTE (“VoLTE” data network) will be unable to connect incoming and outgoing calls as voice is getting re-farmed to the data stream.

If your phone can’t do voice over data, then you’ll eventually have no voice connection. AT&T has even shut down 2G (basic GSM), so that fallback no longer exists for them. (T-mobile still has a 2G network.)

Custom Android ROMs on Samsungs are a special problem, apparently, as Samsung’s proprietary IMS implementation, which enables VoLTE, has not yet been figured out. Hopefully soon…

Meanwhile, custom ROMs on devices by Sony, Motorola, and most others, can easily enable VoLTE, if it has been certified for the particular device with the particular carrier.

It may be that e-Foundation didn’t realize that VoLTE would become such a big issue in the U.S. so quickly. (Just a guess.) In any case, don’t give up on /e/OS over this.

You could resell your device here in the forum, to someone for whom VoLTE is not an issue, then just get a different, less problematic-for-the-US device.

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Awesome updates: thank you and @manoj!
I’ll keep poking around for cheap substitute phones in the meantime (I can install /e/ on other phones, but it’ll take some time at my level of tech expertise)

Is there a resell area in the forum?

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You can share the details here


Thanks, i see the same problem there though (so seller, no buyers), and i wnder about S&H to anywhere they won’t have this problem.

Is there any hope that the device will be usable as a data-only device? I dont necessarily need talk/text…

Carriers in the U.S. typically don’t allow their data-only SIMs to be used in smartphones…because they miss out on potential revenue. They also have to make sure legally that you have 911/emergency service.

But one option that might let you get around the restrictions is to use a data-only travel SIM, (if it has reasonable data prices), and assuming there’s no conflict with the host carrier. Then pair that with an app like, which allows you to make calls, send texts and pictures over XMPP chat. I believe you can even port your present number to

Or set up service with any VOIP provider, port in your mobile number, and add it to your Android dialer settings. (Phone calls and mostly-functional SMS.)

You could also save on data costs with this setup by staying on WiFi whenever possible, including when calling or messaging.

Take a look at KeepGo and, for ideas.

In any case, a pre-loaded /e/phone is probably a hot commodity on eBay, because many people don’t feel up to the task of installing a custom ROM themselves. (Just make sure to clarify that it can’t get VoLTE. Some countries aren’t requiring it yet, though. Also data-only SIM usage in smartphones is not restricted in lots of countries, as far as I know.)

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Wow will do! Thank you for such thorough responses

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I haven’t tried this setup exclusively, but I have used data-only travel SIMs and also set up SIP dialing with a VOIP account, so it seems reasonable that it could work long-term. :slight_smile:

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Some time back we had a TMobile user from the US write in. Sharing the important details of the mail here

…I wanted to report back and let you know that TMobile solved this issue by sending me what they call a “Cellspot”. It propagates their bands wirelessly in my home and back-hauls them via my home internet (ran Ethernet from the device to my network switch). This has fixed the weak cell signal in my home but only VoLTE/VoWiFi will solve this issue when out and about. I will use this temporarily till VoLTE/VoWiFi is ironed out.

Here is a link on this resolution: 4G LTE CellSpot | T-Mobile Support


Also, a mobile hotspot with a data SIM could provide coverage when away from home… It’s an extra device to carry around (or stick in your car or whatever), but it would be a solution.

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Ah, thank you; unfortunately I intend to use my cell connection for internet given the dearth of decent internet service options available to me, but that was an interesting read nonetheless.