Data on 'mom and dad' actually using /e/?

Is there any data on actual ‘mom and dad/regular users’ using /e/? When reading posts and discussions on these forums I sometimes get the feeling that the ‘mom and dad /e/ user’ is actually a bit of a myth.

Does anyone know of a non-tech person that’s made the jump to /e/? Are anyone’s older parents using /e/? I have been talking about /e/ with friends and colleagues for two years now, often with great enthusiasm, but not one person has made the switch.

I am less tech-savvy than most contributors on these forums. I was able to flash a rom on my own and I have done things like install linux on old laptops and have set up an Ubuntu server, putting me a step above ‘mom and dad’ level, though that was a significant challenge for me.

I’m curious if anyone knows a regular /e/ user and if there is data on this.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I really agree with this point: for any start-up it is really important to involve your main user group as early as possible, so /e/ should make it a point to get some moms and dads involved, and get their feedback, and work that back into its plans.

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I bought a refurbished S9+ for my Mom that is really non-tech people.
It’s basic usage like web browsing and using popular apps (Facebook, WhatApps, …) but she’s doing fine.
I’m here to help here when needed, that helps :blush:

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There is no data, but it’s normal if for now the part of non-techy users is low. After all, even if /e/ has made major improvements in a limited amount of time, it’s still the beginning.

/e/ can still have some issues that could make it problematic for non-techy users, and I think that’s also why it’s officially still in beta.

However, everything is done to improve the part of non-techy users. For instance :

  • Phones can already be bought with /e/ installed.
  • The /e/ Easy installer, once more devices will be added and once it will be compatible with Windows should help a lot non-techy users.
  • A more helpful and clear documentation will come.
  • A good forum with quick replies from the community :wink:

It’s always complicated to have an important part of non-techy users since they aren’t aware of how their data are collected and used, and they don’t know custom ROMs exist so they first need to be aware of all of this.


I agree that this community is great - active, smart, open and responsive. It’s been a good experience.

Knowing the people around me who might be potential /e/ users, I don’t think many of them will be inclined to take any steps that look like you’re ‘hacking’ your Android phone, so I’m not totally sure how effective the installer will be for that category of potential /e/ users.

The FairPhone3 page looks really easy and like a good option, so I sent that to a few people. There is still a level of, call it patience, that techy people have with new software, that the regular user won’t have or understand why they should; they will just want everything to work normally. (I have encountered this when introducing non-tech people to Linux). One budget level phone with /e/ in shops would be the best scenario - a reduced barrier.

The conversation about data privacy is becoming much more ubiquitous, which works in /e/'s favour. What really doesn’t is that you can’t “Google” (sorry) the actual name “/e/” because search engines don’t like the backslash.


Then there is no solution for them if they want to try /e/ on their phone. A graphical installation is the best thing that can be made (I can’t see anything else) for newbies, and an installation with command lines is much more a “hacking thing”.

Yes and it’s not a really non-techy name. Hopefully the name will change but it needs to be changed at the same time than another major announcement in order to have a good press coverage of the new name (and the another announcement).

Not sure if there would even be a way to judge a logged in person by their level of technical competence . In general users on this forum or custom ROM groups tend to be folks with some idea of ROM flashing. That takes them above this so called ‘mom and dad’ group.
Yet if you go through the posts and queries on this forum you would occasionally see posts from users who have no idea what TWRP is or are too scared to flash the ROM on their own phones and ask for help from other users in their locality.
I would also add those who argued with us why we do not include GAPPS in the /e/ ROM in this ‘mom and dad’ group :slight_smile:


I’m a grandfather and I reckon if I had discovered /e/ before my own dad got his marching orders he would have liked /e/ too! He wasn’t too keen on ubuntu touch unfortunately. :wink:


Anonyme, I think there is a way to reach a larger group, and that to go the FairPhone route, with a simple webpage where you can order the ready-to-go device, but then with a budget device, for say under 200 Euro. I think that could make /e/ accessible for people who are pro privacy but don’t want to do anything to their current phone. They might try out /e/ on a second cheaper phone if you could buy it ready to go.

Refurbished phones might be less attractive for this group than buying new.

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