Data privacy when connected to ubuntu laptop

Hey there !

Quick question. Im planing to use my /e/ phone as the source of internet (4g) to work on my laptop (ubuntu) via usb share of connection.

Considering that I’ll use private softwares on my laptop, will the confidentiality of my datas will be as strong as if i was working directly from my /e/phone ?

Bonus question: Does anyone has interesting stuff to say about the connectivity between /e/ phone and an ubuntu laptop ? Fun stuff to do, how to boost the confidentiality…


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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Using the USB tethering to connect to Internet using your /e/ phone should not interfere with the working of Ubuntu and the software you are using. The privacy and security of your data is determined by your OS, the software your using and yourself. The fact that you have /e/os on your phone has no bearing on it.

Ok thanks for the reply. First time i go to do Ubuntu. I’d like to keep my data private. Staying on quality software, keep it minimal is the plan so far. If you have any advises i take it.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

keep your system updated.
If possible try to install your software from the official repositories.
If you need to add PPA’s do some research and make sure you trust the source.
You could have a look at firejail for sandboxing of the applications. I use it mostly for my browsers.
Do regular backups of your most valuable personal data.

Here are some tips:

I did a recent install of Ubuntu, unused for >15 years, but I once had a launchpad account there under an email account with Yahoo. I closed the Yahoo account say 10 years ago. I had another email account from 1997, years ago, like 2005, that domain was closed by the provider. Back to last month, when I did the Ubuntu “welcome” wizard without any prior login to any Ubuntu account all these aliases were offered to me.

I know many would say that was cute or helpful or only a bad person would need to run away from their past. The install lasted a few days so that I could test a theory, but was soon deleted and the install media wiped. Needless to say I did not connect or share a mobile device with the laptop.

Thanks for the tips. Ill check this out !

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