Data Roaming Not working

I am on my first trip abroad with e. Apparently data roaming is not working. Have no clue why. Any ideas? Could it be caused by e or any network settings?
Is anybody else experiencing this?
Needless to say that I enabled data roaming in settings.

Are you sure the SIM is allowed for data roaming? Did it still work with same SIM before using /e/? Do you have the possibility to use the SIM in a different phone to see if it’s the phone/OS or the SIM?

It is all OK with /e/. It was just my fault. The APN was not set correctly for my new provider. I did not recognice it since every thing was working OK, excetpt data roaming.


Where do you change the APN settings?

In /e/ 0.17 (Android 10): Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > (tap on your carrier’s name) > (fill in the fields as your carrier instructs)

(Or search for “Access Point” or “APN” in the Settings search box.)