Datenschutzschalter bei FP4

the new update of /e/os added “Advanced Privacy” on my Fairphone 4. By using several switchs, it tells me to push the “Datenschutzschalter”, to have a result. What is the Datenschutzschalter?
(I want my Position correctly back)

If you could give more detail on the switches, perhaps somebody else might be able to follow and might have a clue.

Perhaps it makes more sense in English. You could set your phone to English and try to replicate the switches to get the English wording?

Else … it seems there’s still work being done on the German translation, perhaps you could add your voice here … Advanced privacy - German translation (proposed improvements) (#5434) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

@ AnotherElk,
I don’t think it’s a problem of translation. My main problem in the moment is, that I set the “location faked” and with some surprise realized, that the software did not only fake my location to the others, but to me too! This I wanted to set back to the real location to use for navigation, but didn’t succeed. Following your proposal and switching to English, the sentence is now:
“Changes will only be effective when privacy protection toggle is enabled”

Yeah, this issue is not language-related, it’s already been discussed here: Advanced Privacy turned off and still wrong GPS position on FP4

it is discussed, but I don’t read a real solution. That’s not a nice situation