DAVx5 and Nextcloud Contacts: OutOfMemoryError

Hi everyone

I installed e on my new Fairphone 4 thanks to this forum, so maybe I get some help here:
I also run a Nextcloud server and set up all the apps. I also installed DAVx5 to sync contacts and calendars. Calendars work fine but I can’t sync my roughly 1400 contacts. Apparently, I’m running out of memory (“OutOfMemoryError”). Bernhard from DAVx5 hasen’t been able to figure out so far what is going on. Apparently, I’m the first one with this kind of error.
Does anyone here have a clue?
Thank you in advance!

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check your updater to list a more current build than 20220117 (for 17th january), this should have the fix, see OsmAnd on FP4 keeps crashing at startup - #11 by webman


Good Morning
Thank you! Beginners question: i installed e os on the 14th and downloaded it then from the webaite. According to my system settings, I am on 20220112156786. I tried to udate it but when I click the udate button,it tells me that my phone is up to date.
cant I update that way?
thank you (alao for your understanding :slight_smile: )

Hello Patrik, yes, I would think this is the way. However, don’t expect updates every day :wink:
Cheers, Edmund

As long as you cannot find any new version here, it’s also not available in the updater…normally :wink:


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@FairphoneHulk Will all Fairphones get OTA updates or literally only the Murena ones?

All phones in the supported list get OTA updates where possible.


I also use DAVx5, but since I had installed a Baikal Server on my webhosting account (a WebDav calendar server which we use also with iPhones), there actually was no need to migrate anything.

However, playing around with the /e/ apps yesterday, I noticed that the calendar app seems to support WebDav out of the box, and with Contacts you may use the “Account manager” provided by /e/, which also seems to support WebDav. If this works, then there would be no need to use DAVx5 any longer.

You don’t need DAVX5. /e/OS has Account Manager, which is a fork of DAVx5 (or its predecessor davdroid). It supports Calendar and Contacts sync, as well as Notes and Tasks. It works with other NextCloud instances as well es /e/'s.

In Settings | Accounts, choose Add account, and chooses /e/

In the next screen, choose Use a specific server, and input the address of your NextCloud server


Thank you all!
I de-installed DAVx5 and followed your advice, @petefoth . Calendar syncs without any issues, still getting the out of memory warning…
I also checked on the install guide, the downloadable os is still the same as mine (no 20220117-version available. Would it be helpful to send a log file?

a more current build than 20220117 (for 17th january), this should have the fix,

I think the mesage was, that the problem was fixed on January 17th, so you should wait for a new build that is younger. There will be no release having literally the version number 20220117… Releases do not come that often, I guess.

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Ok, so this means that I’ll have to wait and cannot do anything at the moment in order to get my 1380 contacts synced?

Post #2 specifically deals with the out of memory error on FP4.

Thank you - a lot of tech talk I don’t understand, but if I interpret correctly, this means we’ll have to wait until this thing is fixed in a later update. Correct? :slight_smile:

… well watch and wait, perhaps, :slight_smile: that might be the area to look for a log.

Your import of a large list of contacts might be something else. I do not know, but you might check around and see if “.vcf version” could possibly be involved in your migration of a contact list.

until a new build is published:

not sure if this makes a difference - you can elevate to a adb root session and set the heapsize yourself. But usually the jvm needs to restart to pick this up and the setprop isn’t peristent across reboots.

Better: you search for the file where it is read out from, sorry I don’t know it from the top of my head, it should be after the init somewhere, settings that Zygote is running with (~“javas pid 1”).

adb root
adb shell setprop dalvik.vm.heapsize 512m

(requirement: enable developer options by 7x touch incantation → dev mode options → enable adb root)

Edit: this should do the job to pickup the newly set props… but again it will not be persistent. Just keep the phone running until the build is available

adb shell stop
adb shell start

Did you mean /system/build.prop? I cannot remount /system rw and modify it with adb root. Is it the right file and is there a simple way to modify it and get the heap settings permanently right?

Thank you very much! Worked for me! :slight_smile:


You, sir, are the man of the day, or if I have my way, the man until the next update! :wink:
I had several problems due to OutOfMemory Exceptions and now everything is working as it should again (until the next reboot, which is now to be avoided).
Thank you very much!

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thanks for the workaround. I’ve had a bunch of apps straight up freezing, slowing down or crashing that this thing (temporarily) takes care of.

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