DDG and /e/ browser webview fingerprint


If i use /e/ browser for general browsing without logging in into anything and i use DDG for accessing certain accounts obviously the DDG browser will be fingerprinted by trackers. I read somewhere that DDG uses the system webview and is not a standalone browser. My question is will this setup deanonamyze my /e/ browser fingerprint through the webview or something (leave aside IP and other factors). If i save cookies for login into DDG will this be connected to my browsing history on /e/ browser?


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First: I am no expert on this, so please do not blindly trust what I write here.

Edit: The following is probably wrong, see next comment.
As I understand, WebView offers a direct connection to a rendering engine. That’s the thing that actually turns that data a browser receives into something on your screen. It does not do all the data fetching, authentification, encryption and stuff.
Therefore, the two browsers should not be directly linked.

However, fingerprinting may also take other stuff into account to identify the device, not the Browser.

Generally, I advise against using the /e/-Browser. It is a security risk, because it’s updated only occasionally so oftentimes has several security vulnerabilities. You are better off with upstream Bromite (where /e/-Browser is forked from) or another regularly updated Privacy centric Browser (You can find a lot of discussion around this also in this forum)

Fingerprinting cannot be beaten in a single browser no matter which one it is. That is why i am using 2 browsers.

Brave “creates” random fingerprints. link So no need for 2 browsers if you ask me.

Brave’s anti-fingerprinting is to randomize everything every time. ie. make everyone always look different
Firefox’s anti-fingerprinting (when configured or as done by Tor) is to group as many users as possible into the same buckets. ie. make everyone look the same

They’re opposites and are both arguable on their merits.

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