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i was making some apps for android unfortunately i always had to use google libraries…is there anything else i can program with? even if there is not is there a way to draw a area on android without a google libraries? im long time programmer but its hard to keep track on all fields this days :slight_smile:

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“draw an area” as in map or as in UI? as in Maps: you could do library fallbacks for users lacking play-services and microg. If you assume microg it might get already easier, just testing then with microg adds value.

google libraries inside AOSP aren’t an issue, it’s relying on (networked) play-services.

I think the hardest thing is replacing gcm where you’d need hosted storage and databases - there was a push into this by, but the author pivoted since to webhooks as a backend.

surprisingly I don’t find a guide on libraries, do+don’ts quickly - I’d look at big foss apps boilerplate how they do it.

Edit: f-droid offers some opinion at - but it’s the purist, no-microg approach.

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Thank you for reply :slight_smile:
i do apologize for long time to reply back… i was thinking as in UI not that much familiar with maps or idea behind it …what i dont like with android development is that there is constantly some kind of url behind as it supposed to be namespace but totaly irelavant for any serius app development but never the less there it is and we developers must obey not realy knowing what realy happens behind the door… sure there is explanation but in my mind realy wonders is there realy necesery not to fight it ? …one could thing if it would realy be necesery imagine linux repositories debian with over 60.000 packages and if all would require some kinda url to to prove that developers code is legit or proper… and when developing we get gigabytes of worth libraries tons of something and yet we depend on url. i strongly object this url…would realy do everything to bypass it… so yes lets start small …can i write circle polygon square area without google libraries.

you lament the proprietary dependencies that libraries you include built upon? if they’re distributed with AOSP you should be fine by doing so. Proprietary libraries don’t ship there.

For 2D graphics libraries, Google bought Skia decades ago, there are no downside in using it, apart from governance, but that applies to all of Android, even AOSP

one of the F-Droid developers gave a blueprint on how to build gplay-free editions of existing packages that have Google dependencies. This is helpful for developers wanting to do the same and be admissible to the F-Droid package build pipelines and index

The sets up the standard pattern for building free releases of apps that also use proprietary libraries. This draws on patterns used by Nextcloud, Element and other apps. There are two build flavors


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