Deactivate proximity sensor

Hello dear /e/ users community,

I am facing a problem which is not specific to /e/ os but which I don’t know how to solve in this case…
My phone (Samsung s7) is getting old (in the sense that both me and the kids were not always the kindest with it) but still going strong apart from the problem that the screen turns black as soon as I make or receive a call.
This all looks like a defective proximity sensor which is easy to believe when looking at the broken state of the upper part of the screen.
It seems many vendors own interfaces allow for the deactivation of the proximity sensor but I did not find how to do it on /e/.
Does anyone know how to do this?

In any case thanks for the cool project and for the hard work the community puts in it. I do my share of publicity for the project and its principles :wink:

I have found this on a quick web search:
Newer models with a more current Android version don’t have this switch in the phone app anymore for reasons we still can’t explain. This includes, among others, a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) or Galaxy S6 (Edge). As mentioned above, you can only deactivate the proximity sensor here if you have root privileges. In this case you can use the Xposed model “Sensor Disabler”. The module allows to modify the behavior of sensors like the proximity sensor or to deactivate them completely. The setting then applies globally and not only in the phone app.


Finally found some time to try @harvey186’s advised solution, which turned out to be a bit involved as you need to root the phone in order to install the Xposed framework and finally install the proper module.
This indeed worked.
But it did not come without any side effect: the App from my bank now refuses to work (I rooted the phone), and actually after I updated /e/ to a newer version all the changes are gone and needs to be redone (not too long if you know how to do it though).
I am not completely techno-agnostic so I was not surprised to see such complication popping up and by no mean I am unhappy about harvey186’s advise.

But to me this does not seem to be a viable solution for a regular user so I would not recommend too strongly to follow this route.
Hopefully the functionality to disable will be included at some point in the base os and my problem will be solved.

Thanks for helping in anycase!