Debian package for easy-installer


i have created a debian package here for all users debian based linux distros who don’t want to use snap. I hope you like it.
Download it here.
Suggestions for improvements of the package are welcome!


Great, thank you !

I’ve already installed /e/ on my phone but will surely try this package next time !
I’m still running Debian 10, does it work only on 11 ?

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Actually, it should work on any reasonably recent version of Debian. I use Linux Mint, so I could not try it directly on Debian.

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Thank you @Tux17 for this very nice piece of work.

I installed it with gdebi on Debian 11; download, install and run from Menu in about 10 minutes ! Launch and display of the full intro up to “connect a supported device” – looks great. (No device available !)

easy-installer was picked up straight away by jgmenu, in Applications > Other > Easy Installer.

easy-installer was not in my $PATH straight away. It was installed to /usr/share/easy-installer/bin/easy-installer, with all the programs and scripts apparently present.

I have put my terminal experience here if of interest. hastebin

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Thank you! I noticed your post unfortunately late. I guess I forgot to create a shortcut to the program in /usr/bin, although most users who use the easy-installer probably start it from the desktop shortcut anyway, since they probably tend not to be “terminal freaks”.

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I am sorry to have mentioned the slight negative point which I chose to dig into; my point was overly critical and only of any significance at all if you had in mind the requirements of Guide for Debian Maintainers – I would very much like to see it mainstream! :slight_smile:

A .deb is requested in this issue /e/asy-installer for the 32 bit architecture and in other package formats (deb, flatpak, etc) (#5545) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

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No problem - it didn’t strike me as overly critical in any way. I’ll probably upgrade the package soon (in about 2 weeks when I have time again).
I have a question about what you meant by “mainstream”, as I’m not that familiar with Debian and with the technical terms in Linux in general yet, or if available I rather know the German terms, as I read more German wikis due to my poor English: Is mainstream a package source of Debian? Maybe it’s just because of my English that I didn’t understand you…

This was actually my poor English. “Mainstrean” was not a useful term in this context. My apologies.

I was referring to the process of making Easy Installer available though the international archive! Kapitel 9. Das Paket hochladen.

In fact, maybe /e/ will do this one day, when Easy Installer itself is not “beta”?

However, perhaps, if you were to respond to the issue which I linked, your great package will be more widely seen in the /e/ community! :sunny:

Thank you for explaining. My English is really not thr best…

Thanks for pointing this out again. Sometimes I overlook things.

Now that I had time, I updated the package (it is still available in the same link) . When typing “easy-installer” in the terminal, it now opens. Thanks for pointing out that was missing!

Congratulations and a good job.
My english is not good. I am from Spain.
I think…Why not .rpm or flatpak?
I use Mageia and I cannot use snap. So, It’d use in others distro: Fedora, Opensuse, Openmandriva…without snap.

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Good idea! An official flatpak from the E Foundation is currently already in the works. Unfortunately I don’t know much about .rpm, as I currently only use Debian based distros. However, you could try to convert the Debian package to an RMP package using alien.

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Thanks. I will and share the results.