Debug issue in apps/settings//e/OS

Hi everybody,

since I have to understand with my NFC and bluetooth have issues, I would like to be sure I can provide all the information needed to try to debug the cases…
But I’m not sure how to get all of these information. How to get debug log? Is it useful to get memory of SysUI? bug report? debug app?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!
That could help to create a [HOWTO]??


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Will this help? Create a log @/e/


And some very useful information from @steadfasterX

There are 2 types of logs you might need: the recovery.log for debugging issues within TWRP/SHRP and a logcat for debugging an android issue.

  1. Android debug log (logcat): Read it carefully and usually you have a specific issue to be tracked so follow the guide accordingly.
  2. Recovery (TWRP/SHRP) log: GUIDE —> follow FAQ #4 A