Debug/synchronization error

Hi, all. As with every one of my posts, I’ll start this one with a disclaimer. I purchased a pre-loaded Samsung S9 because I am a user of technology, not a creator. I don’t know how to work on a cell phone, so I hoped it would would perform well without intervention.

My problem is that I keep getting a notification that, when I click on it, leads me to a page full of code which I don’t understand. The top says, “- - - BEGIN DEBUG INFO - - - SYNCHRONIZATION INFO”

It then has subheadings for the request (which looks like it has to do with syncing my contacts) and the response (which says there’s a bad gateway). There’s other language which I can’t decipher.

Any thoughts on why I keep receiving this and what needs done to fix it?

P. S. I tried to attach a screen shot, but the forum won’t allow me to.

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yes, it’s an issue the last few days, the ecloud backend is not available at all times ( - a workaround is to not sync every 2 minutes, you can set the time interval in the account settings (it’s 2-3 levels deep into the settings).

In the future, the message will probably get better handling and not land on the front screen (backlog#3833)