Decent FLAC player

Hi, I’m running eOS 1.14 (can’t seem to update any higher) on a Samsung Galaxy S9. I’d like to use it primarily as a FLAC music player utilising files stored on an external drive. I have searched but without success so can anyone recommend a good music player for FLAC files which is available on eOS please?

What other requirements besides flac do you have that you did not find any player?
Have you tried vlc or sicmu?

edit: both available via F-Droid or App Lounge.

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I use Vanilla Music from F-Droid. I’ve been using it for several years and it works fine. It supports all common audio formats (MP3, OGG, FLAC, PCM). I mostly use MP3, but I have played a couple of FLAC pieces a while agao with no problems.

As the app is available in F-Droid, it should be available from /e/'s app store, but I don’t use that so I cant be sure.

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Since decades, I trust foobar2000 to play my files on (almost) every desktop & mobile computer.


  • comes with an integrated media manager, doesn’t use Android’s
  • plays almost everything, with DSP and RealPlayGain
  • can be downloaded as apk


  • not FOSS, but it’s clean
  • have to go to Settings/Media Library to add & scan sources (ie. local folder)

Support here.

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Same here for Windows (at work… no Micro$hit at home). On linux I use deadbeef (similar to foobar2000); they have a player for mobile although I have not used it recently.
Flac files work by using the default /e/ player (at least on my v2.0 T S9+) , though I’m not really sure how easy it would be to deal with accessing something externally. Maybe put a very large microSD card on the phone and store them locally ?!
Another interesting option could be musicolet.
Good luck!

Thanks! I will try both Vanilla and foobar2000. I also found AIMP which I’m testing.

Hi Cooler - yes, my plan is to use my Galaxy S9+ as a dedicated media player (I have an updated phone for everyday use now). I’ve ordered as large an SD card as it will take (400gb) and plan to store all my music on that. I will check out musicolet

Hi Petefoth - I’ve downloaded Vanilla player and started testing it. Thanks for the tip

smu44 - I’ve been unable to find foobar2000 either on f-droid or App Lounge. Any ideas?

You won’t find it in F-Droid. you can try one of the following:

  1. download the apk using the link from my previous post, then install it with Files app
  2. search App Lounge with com.foobar2000.foobar2000
  3. install AuroraStore

For the reference:

It would be of interest to publish your final thoughts after testing all these players, with pros & cons if you can :pray:

What is your plan how you want to listen to your media?

  • Just ear buds/headphones?
  • Hook it up to an amplifier?
  • Use a external DAC?

If you hook it up to an amplifier permanently you’d be better of with a USB attached SSD.

There is also KODI for Android, BTW.

For offline music try Musicolet.
Clean, intuitive interface by folders, artists, etc.
Choose where your files are and scan the library. Ready to go.
Wavelet to EQ specific ear or headphones which you don’t.

I use Neutron, but I have many different ear and headphones
and multiple stereo systems so I love the parametric EQ, downloadable
EQ files and 64-bit processing, but I’m a retired audio engineer.