Deck don't sync with Task on Galaxy S8

  • Deck Android App 1.19
  • Samsung SM-G950F
  • /e/OS v0.17-pie 202010530117385

Here a screen shot of my task and in Deck

Note my task from my personal calendar are synching

For me the same, and now i cannot sync at all. I can sync via Browser, but not by adding the account. It is always saying, that it cannot find CalDav nor CardDav

You can try OpenTask from F-Droid

I had to use it as the /e/ task app does not offer a caldav sync.

In addition: The /e/ calendar does not offer a calendar widget too. I use Todo Agent as a replacement: Todo Agenda | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


I finally managed to solve task sync problem on my phone.

On, make sure there is a list (“Steph tasks” as I am concerned)

On the phone

  • Go to settings/account then /e/ then “account extra settings”
  • click on your account
  • Go to section “caldav”
  • Click on the 3 vertical dots then “update the list of calendars”
    → Your list appears in the calendar list

If you go to see in the tasks app, it is there too

  • Create a task
  • Wait for the sync time and see that it is also on