Decline calls if "do not disturb" is enabled


It would be great to have a feature to decline calls automatically if “do not disturb” is enabled (currently it lets the caller waiting).

This is the behavior of iPhones.

PS. : I think I have something with this “do not disturb” mode…


Are you on Nougat, Oreo or Pie ?

I never used this feature (I call only once every two months since I’m always on Airplane mode), but on Pie the description of the feature let us think it will automatically deny the call.

Oreo (Android 8.1.0)

I do not have this screen, but I have one for the lower level of do not disturb (something like “priority only”), that I do not use. I use the second, “alarms only”.

The current behavior is that the screen displays the incoming call but with no sound, instead of immediately denying it.

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