Default browser doesn't delete cookies

Hello everyone!

I am encountering a problem with the default browser on /e/: When I quit the browser and reopen it, the different websites which were open during my previous session do not ask me whether I agree with their cookie usage. Also my logins stay active. I conclude from this that cookies have not been deleted. However, my understanding is that the browser should delete all cookies when I quit because in the settings the “keep your cookies only until you quit your browser” is enabled. Can anybody help me to solve the issue?

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Hi @Jans

Did you try the “Open links in incognito” option ?

I suppose you have to open the browsers menu and click “Exit”.
All other quitting is not quitty enough :wink:.

@ljahn That’s what I did. However, it doesn’t work…

@smu44: No, I didn’t. However, the idea should be that cookies can also be deleted without the incognito option.