Default browser up-to-date (Bromite)


Sadly, 6 months ago, I noticed the default browser was obsolete (old Bromite version).
So, since it’s basic security, I had to change it.
I chose Brave even if I don’t find it so intuitive (had to configure many things).

Is there a chance the default browser (Bromite) would one day be up-to-date (backporting chromium patches or cooperating with Bromite) ?

Best regards.

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You can check the discussion here especially from the answer number 15 of the topic.I think you will find lots of information about this issue.

Thanks Nicolas, so it’s under discussion by the e team.
Hope they will decide something quickly :slight_smile:

Add the Bromite repository to F-Droid and get the original Bromite from there. Updates regularly.

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Discussed this again with the dev team today. Unfortunately, they have developer bandwidth issues. The task is on their list of TO-DOs, but has no ETAs.

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Thank you @Manoj for this update.