Default Camera app

Please add support for google camera

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haha, google camera will collect data. So no good idea.


But the inbuilt camera is not that good

try other apps from f-droid (or Yalp)

The inbuilt camera quality vastly improved for me when I enabled “Use Camera2 API” in the camera app’s settings.

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Can you tell where to find it in settings please

Hi @Ram To access the Camera2 API Click on the camera Icon Click the gear shaped icon on the right hand lower side of the screen. Scroll down on the screen that opens up and you will see an switch to enable / disable Use Camera2 API

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Something funny: I do not have this feature on my phone…

Me too in Redmi 3s(land)

on my mi Max 2 and my Mi5s plus I d have this option in open camera app

You can activate it if rooted in /vendor/build.prop, put

I have an oreo build for MiA1 which is not rooted. @harvey186 are these phones on oreo /nougat builds and also are they rooted.

oh, I’m sorry, I have forgotten I’m on LOS16 :frowning:

Thanks for the tip.

As soon as I activated “Camera2 API” the quality significantly improved

With the default setting of Open Camera, the camera quality was very bad.

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The vendor driver has to support this, will not work on every device…