Default /e/ email app, crashing at launch

I don’t really got a clear way of describing more than what the title is already describing.
On a fresh /e/ install, it directly crash when launching it. I’ve did setup and connected my /e/, /e/ Address book and OpenKeyChain accounts from the accounts tab. However, It still crash at loading.
Where can possibly found any crash log for it ? (As i presume it isn’t that self-explanatory in itself).

Please can you add details of the device you are using , current /e/ build. You mention you freshly installed the OS does that mean you used a clean install - from TWRP format + wipe as described for your phone in the support list or did you already have /e/ and this issue started after an OTA update.
During the initial setup process did you add your /e/ email ID or was it added later - after completion of setup.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 “herolte”.
I’m on the /e/OS build 0.7-2019072718150.
Everything as been clean installed via TWRP, as followed by the tutorial.
And, during the setup phase, I didn’t added my /e/ email ID during it if i recall correctly.

Installed the /e/ OS 07-2019080318912. (Despite the changelogs not indicating something that could have help with it)
Would it be maybe better to just reinstall the app instead (Remove it via adb, and the reinstall it. The setup can be done manually.)

If you have an /e/ ID enter that during the setup process and the apps should work correctly. You can create an /e/ ID here.

I am experiencing the same issue. New Samsung S9+ ordered with /e/ pre-installed. Set up self-hosted ecloud services and connected Thunderbird on my laptop no problem, but after I switched on my new phone and entered by creds during setup, Mail app would not open, just crashes immediately.

I installed K9 (which I used on my old Android phone) and it works fine with my self-hosted /e/ email account.

Phone model: SM-G965F
Android version: 8.1.0
LineageOS version: 0.7-o-2019082020897

Let me know if I can be of any assistance tracking down the cause of this crash.

Sorry for the late answer, I’m not really being around that much these days.
But the main issue if the Mail built-in application who crashes. For accessing and using the /e/ e-mail address and other services on this Nextcloud instance, everything is good (You should have noticed that i have the /e/ user tag aswell there)