Default launcher taking up too much ram

Bliss launcher consumes an illegal amount of ram to run for such a simple looking application.
Its an easy to use launcher that gets the job done with one tap but the kind of resources its consuming to do just that is pretty shocking.

I dont know if its only me…but this is happening in my oneplus 6 … /e/os android 12

Apart from that…there is a lot of good things to say about this project…fantastic job guys…cheers :+1:

Hi @i.Desygner welcome to the /e/ forum

This is an interesting observation. The same “Running services” view on my Samsung A3 e-1.12.3-q-xxx has Bliss far lower down the list using 62 MB RAM.

We are expecting an Updated version of the Bliss Launcher, unknown ETA – Week 26, 2023: Development and Testing Updates as the launcher seems to exhibit signs of stress for many users check out a forum search – Bliss.

I believe the users most unhappy are those who like to reorganise “nicely” their apps on the home screen.

I am happy with the default alphabetical layout, but as I add and subtract apps I find newer apps perhaps tacked to a new screen on the right. When I get too irritated by this I do:

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > BlissLauncher > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

Everything now goes alphabetical again.

Perhaps you would be interested to see if this might account for your much higher RAM usage, or not.

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Maybe because widgets ?

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I’m running /e/OS 1.12.3 Android 12 (S) Stable Build (FP3)

  • RAM = ±400MB
  • Removed all the widgets, rebooted the phone : RAM = ±200MB
  • Start some apps : RAM = ±270MB
  • Added 5 widgets : RAM = no difference
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Maybe a specific “RAM-eater” widget?

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Thanks for the links bro…ill check them out…besides i kinda removed the whole launcher from my system and replaced a full tribuchet 12.1 into the system…i had noticed that the os uses tribuchet quickstep for the recents.
No crazy ram consumption from tribuchet yet so :v:
Ill wait for the new update to roll out n will see what happens then.
Besides nice trick about the home icon misplace issue…i just had them catogorized into folders apart from a few most used apps…all were on one screen :ok_hand:

I didnt hav anything special bro…just the default widgets…i had removed weather widget too

I doubt about the ram usage after clearing storage…cuz it was over 350+mb since the very first boot

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